The purpose of these resources is to sharpen the mind, make documenting your journey seamless and seem easy. PLYR is a new way for supporters to engage with you, and in return, they pay you to support your dreams and get a preferential seat on your roller-coaster ride of a career.

Social Media is great, but you probably aren’t making a lot of money from it. Donations don’t really work and feel like charity, but you have value to offer in return and it should be on a consistent, sustainable basis.

Social Media is the funnel, get your reach from there, but add a little more value in PLYR, and people will help fund your journey.

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Document, don’t create

Don’t try and create one masterpiece, create lots of little pieces. That will add up to a whole - a whole you, a whole career, a whole and real person. And that is what people want to see, follow and invest in.

1000 true fans

This is an article by Kevin Kelly, that Tim Ferriss regularly refers to on his podcast. It refers to the fact that it may surprise you, when you breakdown the numbers, that you only need less than 1000 true fans to earn a really good income.

Our goal is every athlete on PLYR with 40/40 fans. 40 premium and 40 weekly fans is over $1000/month. Add in a couple of sponsors, and that can go a long way to paying for food, supplements, gym, massages etc

Then we scale - Get to 100/400 that’s $5000, get to 200/800 and that is over $10,000/month…

It won’t happen overnight, but it is worth a little effort to get there.