Thank you for being part of a new approach to getting monthly revenue for athletes. PLYR is coming at the ‘donation’ problem a new way, giving supporters access to your private team in return for money.

It is a two-sided equation and there is an exchange of value - access to the team in return for money.

The outcomes are important to understand - the athlete gets sustainable income to focus on getting better, while giving supporters a little extra as well.

What is a little extra? Let’s get into a few ideas that are easy to execute and valuable to supporters.

The PLYR team will also be sending you ideas each week - themes, pic ideas, questions to answer… you don’t have to do them, these are just ideas that you can use as you like.

Ghosty Supporters

Some people are going to want to just support you, pay you some money every week or month just to see you succeed. They may not even download the app to follow you. That’s cool. They will be the exception, however.

Most supporters are jumping on for the ride, and inside access to your journey is worth it.

Document, don’t create

Document your journey. You don’t always need to create stuff, just be real. Be transparent. Be authentic. Supporters love that.

The journey is the destination - it will have ups and downs, and in the world of social-fabricated-media, authenticity goes a long way. Give them a little extra than what you would on Instagram or facebook.

  • Post a pic of your training on insta - Add a description of what you did on PLYR.

  • A pic of your protein or supplements on facebook - An outline of your protocol of protein, bcaa, supps…

  • Morning or game-day routines

  • Explain your mental processes - Journal? Meditation?

  • Books / Links / Podcasts / Knowledge that you are reading or listening to that has made a difference

  • Coaches / Expert advice you follow

  • #FridayFeels - There is always anticipation for the weekend games, trainings, long-runs… share you state of mind.


Everyone loves free stuff. Those pair of boots you wore on the weekend, your jersey, sponsors product, tickets, a one-on-one skype call… Tease the comp on your social media - get them across with hooks like competitions.

We are building a great little feature that will make this process very easy and simple to do. But you can start a competition in the app anytime.