Start Again and be a G.A.B

All Black Richie McCaw wrote in his notebook before every game. The words and stories we tell ourselves frame our actions and attitude.

Every game day entry would be ‘Start Again’ – meaning you have to prove yourself everyday, every game and show up today.

Then a few notes about the game – ‘lead from the front’, ‘physicality is the key’ and the usual focus phrases.

Then he would end with ‘G.A.B’.

When mapping out his potential career as a teenager with his uncle, it went school teams, rep teams, national age group teams, franchise teams and then the ultimate goal, the All Blacks. Most would stop there, but not his uncle. He said to Richie ‘You don’t just want to be an All Black, you want to be a Great All Black’. So Richie, in his modest way not wanting to be too cocky, wrote down G.A.B.

Making the team isn’t enough.

Start again today.

Prove that you are great.

Andrew Whiteman