The argument for Greatest Of All Time in any sport is ridiculous. Sports evolve, players evolve, players leverage weaknesses that are covered in future generations. It is a pointless debate. 

The debate should be Greatest Of This Era. If they haven't gone through the same challenges and faced the same opponents, it is impossible to tell how they would react and overcome similar adversaries.

Pitting Bird and Magic against each other was epic, then Michael came along. Messi v Ronaldo is a spectacle we should all be grateful to be witnessing now. Michael Johnson and Jesse Owens. Kareem or Chamberlin. And also teammates play an important part, who is the Rodman for LeBron? 

Lets keep it measureable within the era.  

ps The greatest sportsman who dominated their chosen game the most is Don Bradman. He is the GOAT. Just in case it comes up conversation.  

Andrew Whiteman