The last 5

The first 5 are important. 

The first 5 minutes of training sets the tone for whole session. The first 5 things you do when you wake up helps determine the day. The first 5 thoughts in your head are enough to build a pattern of thought. The first 5 words spoken or read determine the receivers receptiveness. 

But the last 5 are more important. The last 5 reps, or the last 5 moves in training, or the last 5 minutes of your work day... you carry that momentum from one day or training to next one. 

- Smashed the last 5 pull ups  

- Planned tomorrow's sessions  

- "Hey John, well done today" 

Nail the last 5 and when you turn up next time, there is a belief that you will have carried with you between sessions that grows confidence and excellence. 

Andrew Whiteman