The real loser in the Bolt Gatlin 100m final

Let's take a minute to celebrate an amazing career. Usain Bolt - Absolute legend.  

Yes, he was beaten in his last race. And it wasn't by Gatlin. Although he came first, let's be honest, running faster at 35 when Bolt, 31, has been slowing down for years... Question mark. Gatlin shouldn't exist in the sport. Period. 

Coleman was the real winner/loser. He really looks sharp and that race should have been a baton handover from Bolt to Coleman. But no, he was sandwiched between a legend's last race and an infamous drug cheat who was hanging on long enough to get the champ on his way down. 

Wipe Gatlin from the sport. 

Celebrate Bolt.  

And lets applaude and look forward to who is next up - the 21 year old next star - Christian Coleman. 




Andrew Whiteman