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PLYR :: pronounced ‘Player’

[Player without the vowels]

Here are a few answers to a few burning questions that current athletes have asked.

The main thing to understand is that PLYR is not a donation page, as we don’t really think those work as well as they could. PLYR is your own team app that supporters can pay to join on a monthly basis. The platform allows the supporter to have a more engaged experience, and it is super easy to use as an athlete so won’t be time-consuming.

What is the short description? PLYR is a monthly membership platform for athletes, that supporters pay to join.

What is PLYR trying to do? Help athletes earn monthly revenue through turning their social followers, friends, family and new supporters into funders.

How is PLYR different? PLYR is a team app, not a funding page. So people are paying to join your team. This gives them a closer insight into your journey and worth their investment in you.

What is the long description? PLYR is a new concept, so instead of asking someone for a donation, you are giving them the opportunity to join your team - where you will keep them updated, share your knowledge, run competitions to win sponsor products, give added details about what training you did, instead of 1min insta video have a 5min Q&A…

Athletes are generally well-followed, but not well-funded and consistent revenue is a problem for the majority of athletes. PLYR is a unique concept, tackling an old problem on a modern platform. We are remixing social media, a team communication app and a payment platform to give supporters an awesome front row seat to your journey on the app. In return, they pay for access to your private team where you can run competitions, post videos, share training tips etc. It is an easy platform to use, engage with supporters and give a little more insight into your journey in return for crowd-funding your dreams.

Look at PLYR as your own team app, that is documenting your journey and the home of brand YOU.

Can anyone see the stuff I post on PLYR? No. The PLYR app is private and only supporters paying you get to access your team.

How much do they pay me? Supporters pay either $1/day or $1/week. Two easy payment tiers to decide from… And it is less than half a coffee.

What is PLYR not like? It is not a one-off donation site and is not a basic funding page. GoFundMe, Kickstarter or other sports donation sites are project-based or one-off payments. We want to help athletes get monthly income that is sustainable. It is also not a basic funding page, it is an advance team communication app. PLYR is a team app that makes it easy to share what you are up to, your nutrition plan, your training, giveaway your boots or jersey - anything you want to share.

Does this replace instagram, facebook etc? No. We see social media as the broad reach platforms that can funnel followers on to the PLYR to being you supporters. Long form vs Short form: You might post a 1min video on insta, but then a longer, more in-depth video on PLYR for supporters to see a little extra.

What numbers do you expect? This varies per athlete. We have the goal, and a promise to you, that we will do everything in our power to help every athlete get 40 premium and 40 weekly supporters - that is over $1000 per month. 250 daily and 650 weekly will hit the $10k/month mark. We don’t care about metrics, likes or followers, we just hope to add some money into your bank account each month.

Can people see how many supporters I have? No. Your metrics are private, so no social pressure or pressure for ‘likes’… If you have 20 or 20,000, it is private. Obviously the more supporters you have, the more people will be adding to your team, but take your time, build an authentic audience and PLYR can be a useful tool in helping you achieve what you really want to achieve.

What are the costs? It is free to set your team up. The first $500 are free of any margins for PLYR. After $500, PLYR takes 10%. For the sponsors, it is $10/month per sponsor - so if a sponsor pays you $300/month, PLYR gets $10 and you get $290.

What does PLYR look like? Here are some screenshots

Supporter Page.jpg

What is a channel? Think of a channel like a chat room, that you can create different channels for different topics. There are 2 channels already set up, Banter and Locker Room. You can delete these, create new ones, create as many you like. Banter is for GIFs, funny videos, mocking… you know. Locker Room is for everyone, all topics. But you might want to start one for workouts, recipes, whatever it is you like.

Public Channels .jpg
Private Channels .jpg

Team: This is the team app

Goals: This is private to you only. It is essentially ‘Instagram for goals’. Set a goal, with an inspiring image, set a date and get after it. Every. Damn. Day.

Schedule: This is where you can can share what you do, when you do it. This is another level of insight most people won’t see from the outside. 6am Monday morning session, Friday rest day, 6x300m on Thursday - up and coming athletes would love to see and do what you do. But don’t giveaway the secret sauce ;)

Profile: Plenty of development to do here but this will be your PLYR Profile, home of your brand.

How do I join?

1) Search PLYR in the app store and download the app.

2) Choose a username and password

3) Create a team - Most athletes are choosing their name as it is your team

4) Start having a look around

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How do I create a supporter page?

1) In the menu up the top, you will see TEAM SUPPORTER PAGE. Click that.

2) Name your team, upload a profile pic, cover image etc

3) Upload a video - You can upload a video to sell your story, say what you will use the money towards, how supporters will be helping you, what you do…

4) About - Again, explain your journey and what you want to use the support for…

5) Two Tier description -

6) Once you hit Save, the page is now live, and you are ready to share with potential supporters. Copy the link and share it.

How do I get paid?

We do all that for you. We collect the payment through Stripe, so we don’t hold any credit card details, which is the most secure option.

The athlete is paid in the middle of the following month, so your January month will be paid in Feb. Please fill out payment details on the supporter page or in the top right menu.